Debating on Broken Glass

The last 2 debates broken down, Madonna and Donald Trump are very dumb, Counterfeit Ketchup bottle ring broken, Sunscreen could burst into FLAMES, Tagg Romney wants to PUNCH Obama,  Taylor Swift on writing about her boyfriends,  PAUL RYAN FAKES PHOTO OP AT SOUP kitchen, SLEEP deprivation may fuel insulin resistance, Livestrong donors want their money back,  THe candidates roast each other, China’s economy cooling off,  Malala is improving!  Romney loves rules,  Russia flexes NUCLEAR MUSCLES, Gleib has a strange experience in Calgary,  Good news for gay people,  Google’s $250 computer,  boys reaching puberty early,  Ohio early voting block denied,  Lady Gaga’s weight gain is UNACCEPTABLE,  Jay Z and Beyonce shot down by courts, Hulk Hogan sues over his SEX tape,  Uma Thurman makes BAD decision,  Mermaid woman talks,  Sex on a table,  and NUDE skydiving.