Dane Cook: Churro Explosion Candid Heroes

Dane Cook joins Gleib. This week we discuss if Ron Paul is racist, lesbian sailors making out, Iraq, and Churros exploding, Brazil’s economy surging, Biden saying the Taliban is not our enemy, and gay coffee. Then Dane joins and we talk about his life, if Dane is a standup comedian, his awkward childhood, dealing with loss, dreaming big, alt comedy, his movie choices, comedian haters and why they hate on him, Louis CK, the story behind his appearance on Louie, a falling out Dane and Gleib once had and how that led to their touring arenas together, drug use, and meeting his heroes Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, and Jerry Lewis. Then in the THUNDER ROUND the two of them review 2011: Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Gaga, Rebecca Black, British royalty, celebrity divorces, Justin Bieber, Herman Cain, and Scarlett Johansson. Everything that happened during the LAST YEAR ON EARTH.