Skyler Stone: Obamanation

Comedian Skyler Stone joins to discuss ELECTION RESULTS. Plus a live audience NPR’s “Comedy Congress” w/ Alonzo Bodden (winner “Last Comic Standing”) & Patt Morrison (LA Times columnist, NPR host) – instead of the Thunder Round, (Courtesy of NPR & KPCC,) covering the last few weeks of political SOUNDBITES.  This episode goes in depth into Obama’s victory, FOX News arguing with itself, where the Romney campaign went wrong in the final weeks, Trump and Limbaugh FLIPPING OUT, Beyonce and Jay Z calling Mitt a b*tch, Maryland making gay marriage legal, Colorado and Washington fully legalizing WEED, and PORN stars now having to wear condoms, the time Gleib and Skyler pranked each other, new study saying women FAKE IT more than men realize, BRITNEY Spears’ good legal news, a child who cried over election fatigue, Chris Christie’s positive statements about Obama, Romney’s deceptive Chrysler ad, voter INTIMIDATION at the polls, if Boehner and the Republicans will finally compromise, Roseanne finishing 5th, WEINER returning to Twitter, Kris Jenner’s latest ratings attempt, the military delivering gas in New York and New Jersey, while people in New York line up to buy iPad mini’s while their neighbors still need help.  You know SKYLER STONE from FOX’s Raising Hope, one of the stars of Hostel 3, The Late Late Show, and his own Comedy Central show CON. Follow @theskylerstone @alonzobodden @Patt_Morrison @KPCC and @bengleib #lastweekonearth