Sophia Bush: Air Quotes Dirty Talk

Actress Sophia Bush answers dirty questions for charity, and she and Gleib discuss the the end of One Tree Hill, Manscaping, LA car fires, Rick Santorum praying the gay away, Lady Gaga kissing Mayor Bloomberg, New Year’s resolutions, Sophia’s desire to kill people, the charitable tendencies of Ben’s penis, Egypt, Russian ice dancing, why we need to F Cancer, Chris Brown and Rihanna tweeting each other, why the world needs to sign the “Don’t be a d!ck pledge,” if Jersey Shore is bad for Italians, animals VS people, Obama signing the NDAA into law and how he’s not gangster enough for Don Cheadle, Sophia’s directing, Occupy Wall Street, the Republican demonizing of Planned Parenthood, Iran, the danger of water bottles, a whore house for aliens, Palin not knowing what she’s saying, politicians’ lack of principles, selfishness and Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead, and their differing thoughts on glitter. Plus… THE THUNDER ROUND!